That’s me with my mouth wide open, laughing my face off. What am I laughing about? It’s anyone’s guess. You’ll usually find me laughing about something. Loudly.

The summer before I moved to France a Frenchman offered some advice to help me fit in. “Don’t laugh like that,” he said to me.

A piece of advice I’ve been ignoring ever since. Because who can control the way they laugh, anyway?

So who am I? I’m just a loud-laughing, world-traveling, food-loving Minnesotan who found her happy place in Lyon, France.

I’m also a closeted writer who’s finally gotten up the courage to put myself out there and see what happens.

I hope my travels will inspire you to set out and explore. I hope you’ll laugh at my misadventures and learn from my mistakes. I hope you’ll take up cooking, realize it’s not as hard as you thought, and that you actually enjoy it. I hope you’ll dare to DIY and marvel at what you’re able to achieve. I hope you’ll read my reflections on French and American culture and question parts of your own you never thought about before. And I’ll hope it’ll leave you coming back for more.